Monday, April 28, 2014

Digital Griots African American Rhetoric in a Multimedia Age by Adam J Banks

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Dear Nathan,

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Please take a moment to reflect on the topics discussed during the meeting.  Please include a second post about how you see Banks’ Digital Griots in conversation with some of the texts and theories we have encountered over the semester. Finally post any comments or questions that may have emerged since your meeting.


Dr. Hill 

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  1. I found myself blown away by the inherent power that comes with the idea of the remix and how this expresses an Afrofuturist aesthetic. The idea of the remix as a way of transplanting timelines, looking to the previous work, to negotiate and influence a present project is an amazing analytical framework. Furthermore, the remix as a tool is Afrofuturistic in its use of technology to influence and disrupt perceptions of time. The remix in a discussion of temporality itself evokes the cyclical nature of African conceptions of time versus the sequential order of more Westernized world views.